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 "What interested me in painting was first and foremost putting some order in my brain (...) My painting works like that, it analyses me, it helps me to understand, it dissects me."

Henri Matisse

"Reflections of her moods, Anik's paintings betray the memories of painful events. Scenes from life, given moments in time, snapshots in which figures are sketched that are more enigmatic than strange, simultaneously kindly and disquieting, the whiteness of their faces accentuating an impression of prostration."

It is assuredly the artist's pictorial confession.

We will linger over the technique used in particular to produce the large formats on wood and over their collages, which have no equal except the force that stands out from a sometimes aggressive painting that is however always symbolic of a passage of life."*

* : "La Provence" Exhibition at the Galerie ARDECO.
       Avignon 1996.